Rev. Thomas Yalden

Anonymous, "To the Author of an Epigram on Wit in the Grubstreet Journal of September the 19th" Daily Courant (24 September 1734).

Why would you Halifax or Somers name,
And to applaud them, and Godolphin aim?
Who living, by your Faction, were traduc'd,
And oft, by such as you, in Rhimes abus'd.
To what you've said of Harley I agree,
He cherish'd Writers; — but what Sort let's see,
An Irish Dean, with his strange John Bull Wit,
For such a Statesman such a Droll most fit;
(Who oft wrote Libels, as himself confess'd,
And in Burlesque elsewhere the Scripture dress'd,
Whose Disposition as Divine's so good,
He says, — he hated Wharton like a Toad)
Was his chief Fav'rite, — and in Rank more low,
He had Trap, Yalden, Oldsworth, and Defoe;
These were the Props and Pillars of his State,
He fill'd their Pockets, and they made him great.
WALPOLE wants no such Bards, — his Worth is sung
In Strains most sweet, and as sublime by Young,
Justly extoll'd by Thomson him we find,
And Dodington himself the Choir has join'd.
Since these commend, he safely may defy
All Efforts of the Grubstreet scribling Fry,
Who hate the Best, and whom they hate bely.