Rev. James De La Cour

Will o' the Wisp, in "Reliquae Thomsoniana" William Hone, The Table Book 2 (1828) 378-79.

At p. 194 [of Lord Buchan, Essays on the Lives and Writings of Fletcher of Saltoun, and the Poet Thomson, 1792] are verses to Dr. De (la) Cour, in Ireland, on his Prospect of Poetry, which are there ascribed to Thomson, and admitted as such by Dr. Thomson, who directed the volume through the press; although it is certain that Thomson in his lifetime disavowed them. The verses to Dr. De la Cour appeared in the Daily Journal for November 1734; and Cave, the proprietor and editor of the Gentleman's Magazine, at the end of the poetical department in that miscellany for August, 1736, states himself "assured, from Mr. Thomson, that, though the verses to Dr. De la Cour have some lines from his Seasons, he knew nothing of the piece till he saw it in the Daily Journal."