Rev. Alexander Geddes

George Dyer, in The Poet's Fate, a Poetical Dialogue (1797) 12 &n.

Porson, in Grecian lore you reckon great:
Will Porson e'er be minister of state?
Or Geddes (give your fancy widest scope,
Give it a thousand years), be made the pope?

Dr. Geddes, an eminent linguist, and author of A New Translation of the Bible, now carrying on, is a catholic clergyman; though, as the doctor expresses himself, "catholic only absolute; Roman catholic, secundum quid." The reader may consult Dr. Geddes's General Answer to Queries, Councils, and Criticisms, that have been communicated to him, since the publication of his Proposals for Printing A New Translation of the Bible.

In another publication, the learned doctor acquaints his readers in what sense he is a catholic; and, upon the whole, christian churches must receive him to open communion, as a primitive christian. Unquestionably, as he describes himself, he is no despicable theologian; but never can he be admitted among canonized saints.