Rev. Thomas Maurice

George Dyer, in The Poet's Fate, a Poetical Dialogue (1797) 16 &n.

Maurice with Indian triads props the church;
And see! the bishops leave him in the lurch.

Thomas Maurice, the ingenious author of Indian Antiquities, and of the History of Hindostan. These volumes call in the aid of eastern astronomy, to confirm the Mosaic records; amidst investigations more recondite, and discoveries more important, they trace the analogies between the triangle, the numen triplex of the Aegyptians, and the doctrine of the trinity: a very important service to the church in its present enfeebled condition, if unfortunately the analogy might not be traced, in all probability, to a source still more recondite and mysterious; but these [Greek characters].

The above splendid and expensive publications have, it is said, involved the author in the res angusta domi: and to the great dishonour of the present governors of the church, and, I think, of the East-India company, Maurice enjoys no comfortable prebend, or snug vicarage; no decent provision whatever.