Allan Ramsay

George Dyer, in The Poet's Fate, a Poetical Dialogue (1797) 21-22 &n.

But things may mend, and poets yet may hope,
In fairer times, to charm, and thrive like Pope,
Or Allen Ramsay, that harmonious Scot:
Now to fare ill is but the common lot.

Allen Ramsay, a Scotch poet, author of an admired pastoral eclogue, entitled, The Gentle Shepherd. I have perused no regular life of this poet, worthy of being considered as a record of a man of genius. In the Scotch Encylopedia is a mere paragraph, written probably by an enemy to the name of this poet. Ramsay was, originally, of a very low station, but became a poet, and acquired a considerable property, as well as reputation. With a poetical talent, Ramsey seems to have united a most exquisite skill in flattery: his Dedication, at least, to the Gentle Shepherd, rivals the most fulsome panegyrics of John Dryden.