Alexander Pope

Anonymous, "An Epigram on the Grubstreet Journal, and its unknown Authors, inscrib'd to Mr. P—pe; in answer to their Epigram on a celebrated Print inscrib'd to Sir R. W." Daily Journal (20 July 1730).

Three Grubstreet Authors, in their way,
P—pe's clouded Glory would display,
Studious, by sister Arts, to raise
The want of Merit into Praise,
They consecrate to P—pe's low Fame,
Scandal, and Verse, and Anagram;
With Motto's quaint their Paper dress,
With Sneers and Puns, and Odnesses;
And what else may their Title fit
As well for Quality, as Wit.
Thy Glory, P—pe, as thus enrol'd,
E'en Foes with Pleasure may behold.
For ever sacred be to thee
Such Writers! and such Poetry!
For nothing but thy Name can raise
Such Panegyric into Praise.
[See the last Grubstreet Journal.]

[To which a Remarker thought the following Lines might be properly added.]
And none but such low scribbling Tools,
Durst spatter all beyond all Rules,
For by the Title which they've chose,
'Tis plain they meant not to impose.