Alexander Pope

Mrs. W-ll-tt, "On Mr. Pope" Tunbrigalia, or, The Tunbridge Miscellany (1740) 12.

I sing the Nation's Praise, while here I boast
A God-like Poet on the British Coast.
His Mind extensive, and each Thought so pure,
He must be Raphael sure in Miniature;
Or some such heavenly Guest, that's hither sent
T' inform the Judgments of the Ignorant.
If such a Thing as Transmigration is
Of Souls, what must I not conceive of his?
When I peruse each Piece that he has wrote,
My Soul's in Rapture and consum'd in Thought;
'Tis then while Fancy plays upon my Sight,
I form Ideas of him with Delight:
Whose Person I have ne'er so much as seen,
But by his charming Mind I honour him;
Yet if I ever should the same Survey,
Admitting all that vulgar Scandal say,
His Soul lives there: Its Mansion I'd approve,
And tell him, I was his Platonic Love.