Samuel Richardson

Elizabeth Teft, "To the Unjust Author of Pamela in High Life" Orinthia's Miscellanies: or a Compleat Collection of Poems (1747) 15-16.

Please to inform me, Sir in what Regard
The lovely Pamela meets her Reward.
I've read each Line, view'd her in ev'ry State,
Find her most Wretched when I see her Great.
Her Angel Form you gave to Mr. B—,
He fetters her with gilded Slavery;
Like Phaeton, unskilful in Command,
Now gives a Loose, now keeps too strait a Hand.
Jealous of the Invasion of his Right,
He always holds the Reigns of Power too tight,
But to his Passions, Pride, and hot Desire,
He gives the Loose, which sets his Soul on Fire.
Nicely severe to his all-perfect Spouse,
But pardons in Himself the Breach of Vows.
Her Soul the Seat of true Angelick Love,
Where jointly reign the Serpent and the Dove,
Lovely as Paradise in its gay Spring,
Ere Man transgress'd the Will of Heav'n's King;
This vast Profusion of attractive Charms
Fails to secure him constant to her Arms!
Ye Powers, in Pity shew us more Regard,
Than let our Virtue meet such harsh Reward!