Alexander Pope

Elizabeth Teft, "To a young Gentleman on the Return of the First Volume of Pope's Essays" Orinthia's Miscellanies: or a Compleat Collection of Poems (1747) 78-79.

'Tis hard to say, where my first Thanks are due,
To the great Author, or the gen'rous You.
His teaching Pen refulgent Wit displays,
Charms brood on Charms thro' the enchanting Lays.
Unrivall'd Beauties open to my Sight,
I'm lost in Wonder, dazzl'd with Delight;
Harmonious Numbers, gracefully sublime,
His Genius pointed by the tuneful Nine.
Impower'd by Heav'n to sooth the Reader's Care,
Clear misted Reason, dissipate Despair.
Tell me, you Wise, ye learned Judges say,
Has he an Equal 'mongst the Sons of Clay?
Yet though the Sun shine with Meridian Light,
The Dungeon-Slave still grovels in the Night:
So my imprison'd Mind benighted lay'd,
Till you Pope's Orb of shining Wit display'd;
You bid me view the Light, and was obey'd.
To both oblig'd; Pope writ, and you, Sir, lent;
These Lines to both my humble Thanks present.
Pleas'd I return the inexhausted Store,
But with the selfish Hope of having more.