Joseph Addison

John Hughes, "To a Lady, with the Tragedy of Cato" Poems and Translations by Several Hands (1714) 91-92.

Two shining Maids this Happy Work displays;
Each moves our Rapture, both divide our Praise;
In MARCIA, we her Godlike Father trace;
While LUCIA triumphs with each softer Grace.
One strikes with Awe, and One gives chaste Delight;
That bright as Lightning, this serene as Light.
Yet by the Muse the shadow'd Forms were wrought,
And Both are Creatures of the POET'S Thought.

In Her that animates these Lines, we view
The Wonder greater, the Description true;
Each living Virtue, ev'ry Grace combin'd,
And MARCIA'S Worth with LUCIA'S Sweetness join'd.

Had She been born ally'd to CATO'S Name,
NUMIDIA'S Prince had felt a real Flame;
And, pouring his resistless Troops from far,
With bolder Deeds had turn'd the doubtful War;
CAESAR had fled before his Conqu'ring Arms,
And ROMAN Muses sung her Beauty's Charms.