John Nichols

William Hersee, "A Tribute to the Memory of the late J. Nichols, Esq." Gentleman's Magazine 96 (December 1826) 504.

Late in the vale of life, and full of years,
Cheerful and happy was his cloudless day,
When, lo! bewept by Friendship's grateful tears,
He slept in peace — his spirit pass'd away.

While Earth admir'd the Historian of his time,
Domestic virtues were his highest praise,
These gave to life an energy sublime,
A beauteous lustre to his lengthen'd days.

Unfeign'd affection liv'd within his heart,
A store of blessings which he freely gave,
Blessings that he delighted to impart
To numerous friends now mourning o'er his grave.

Various his talents, as his heart was kind,
The page of ancient lore he lov'd to scan;
Learning's bright gems enrich'd his liberal mind,
And form'd his studies thro' the age of man.

With patient industry and wondrous toil,
Thro' dark antiquity he sought his way;
And, persevering in the hard turmoil,
He brought its treasures to the light of day.

In later years instruction from his pen
Delighted thousands by his pleasing page;
A faithful painter of the lives of men,
He gave the history of a learned age.

His labours o'er, he rests beneath the sod,
His lamp consum'd, his various studies cease,
His happy spirit soars to meet his God,
And rest forever in the realms of peace.