John Nichols

R. E., "Lines on hearing of the Death of John Nichols, Esq." Gentleman's Magazine 97 (January 1827) 63.

And is thy spirit fled? thou honoured sage,
Whose lamp illumed so long the passing age.
Blest with a temper whose unclouded ray
"Could make to-morrow cheerful as to-day,"
In calm enjoyment of domestic peace,
Thy mental energies knew no decrease.
Tho' time and toil had dimmed the visual ray,
Yet FILIAL love did half the loss repay.
Preserv'd, like Milton's muse, by FILIAL hands,
Each thought, each word, each valued record stands.
Like the great Bard was he with daughters blest,
Who every want supplied with duteous zest,
And who, as age required their fostering aid,
A Sire's commands with purest love obeyed.

As with mild radiance shone his setting sun,
Who could suppose his race so nearly run,
While, without struggle, from its mortal clay
His spirit soar'd at once to realms of day.