Matthew Concanen

Anonymous, "Concanen in the Grub-Street Journal" Fog's Weekly Journal (16 September 1732).

I am a Correspondent of the Grub-street Journal, not of Yours, Mr. Fog.
The scandalous Treatment I have met with from the former has determined me to write to you now, and to send you the following Epigram.

Come Dunciad Authors, come to Dinner all,
C—s an Attorney General;
Nor think Sir R— did him Grace,
C—s Talents claim'd a Place.
Attorney Generals (till of late)
Were ever fam'd for Billingsgate,
And he that us'd the Lord of Dawley
In the same Stile that Coke did Rawley,
Goes to restore in Countries far,
The ancient Language of the Bar.

It was sent Word for Word, as you see it, to the Grub-street Journal; and after it had been in their Hands nine or ten Days, they were pleas'd to publish it, most scandalously alter'd, quite contrary to my Purpose and Meaning, by which I think they have proved themselves true Turncoats, and I wish a certain Person Joy of his new Allies.
Tho' you do not usually publish the Lucubrations of Grub-street, I hope nevertheless you will not refuse this a Place, since it is to do Justice to an Author, as well as to shew others who may amuse themselves with Writing what they may expect from the Grub-Journal.
P.S. I have some Reason to suspect, that the Hero of the Epigram, may be the Person who alter'd it into a Panagyrick upon himself. — I will take Care for the future, that he shall make me say nothing I don't mean, tho' he may be employ'd again to make others s—, &c.
I am Yours, &c.