David Mallet

A. W., "From the Pegasus in Grub-Street" Grub-Street Journal (25 July 1734).

Please to insert the under-written lines in your Journal. I am a wretched poet, and should be glad to find them more correct. I only wrote to the Dutchess; and she sent me money, without seeing or enquiring after me, and I have no other way to return thanks, than this which is requested by
your humble servant,
A. W.

O Muse, were thoughts to your fond vot'ry giv'n,
Sublime as MILTON'S, when he painted heav'n;
Or just as ADDISON'S in CATO'S praise;
Our country heroine should employ my lays.
When young, attractive charms adorn'd the fair;
Consummate sense her riper years declare:
Her country's liberties her age employ;
She thwarts each scheme that would those rights destroy.
A heroine here, — but when the wretched cries,
She melts, and want with generous aid supplies.
Not to one party, or one place confin'd,
She shines the benefactrix of mankind.
This fame spoke loud: her voice I scarce believ'd;
My wants made known; askt help, and strait receiv'd.
My grateful thanks I'll to the world proclaim,
And every bless the noble MARLBOROUGH'S name.
A. W.