Gilbert West

William Tooke, Note to The Prophecy of Famine; Poetical Works of Charles Churchill (1804) 1:133-34n.

Converted, (blessed are the souls which know
Those pleasures which from true conversion flow,
Whether to reason, who now rules my breast,
Or to pure faith, like Lyttelton and West)

George Lord Lyttelton, author of the history of Henry II, and Gilbert West, the translator of Pindar. The former, who had been addicted to scepticism in his earlier years, received at Wickham in Kent, in the house of West, that conviction which produced his celebrated "Dissertation on the conversion and apostolic mission of Paul." Mr. West was much in the intimacy of Mr. Pitt, and enjoyed some lucrative appointments under government. For his "Observations on the Resurrection," which appeared in 1747, he received from Oxford by diploma, the degree of LL.D. He died of a paralytic stroke the 28th of March, 1756. His friend Lyttelton survived him upwards of seventeen years.