Edmund Waller

Jane Brereton, "To Mrs. Mary Hale; Jan. 1, 1728. With Mr. Waller's Poems" Brereton, Poems on Several Occasions (1744) 86-87.

Now Janus turns his youthful Face,
The common Wish no doubt you hear,
Which flows from ev'ry Mouth apace,
I wish you, Mad'm, a happy Year.

But you, whom Heav'n indulgent plac'd
Beneath its lov'd Maria's Care;
Maria, with each Virtue grac'd,
That e'er adorn'd the Wise, or Fair.

Maria, whose exalted Sense,
With strictest Piety is joyn'd,
And each superior Excellence,
With the most humble Christian Mind.

You, who such Happiness enjoy,
Can no new Wish expect from me;
Nor can I frame one Thought of Joy,
Could add to your Felicity.

May you continue still her Care,
In Health and Happiness sincere;
And long may Heav'n Maria spare,
Long bless us with one Angel here!

My Numbers harsh and incorrect,
A Taste so delicate can't please;
But sure, great Waller you'll respect,
The Bard so fam'd for tuneful Lays!

He, your Acceptance humbly craves,
Ambitious to preserve his Fame;
And begs you would adorn his Leaves,
With the Inscription of your Name.