George Lyttelton

Anonymous, "An Elegy on the Death of the late Lord Lyttelton" General Evening Post (4 September 1773).

Now mourn, Britannia! give the plenteous tear
Of genuine sorrow; — for he, alas!
Is gone; he, who alone could justice do
To thy immortal page; — the great, the good,
The all-glorious Lyttelton is gone!
Ye sons of Albion, heave the pensive sigh!
For you will feel a loss irreparable!
In him the Statesman and the Patriot
Shone with a double lustre; in him too
Both the Poet and the Philosopher
Reflected equal brightness; — with him they're fled.
Let future ages record his virtues:
Let the mouth of Fame, in never-ceasing
Shouts, echo his praises far, far away,
To be the most distant parts of this earthly
Globe. — And, O ye Nine! who tune the chorded shell,
But chiefly thee, O Clio! (for thee he
Courted most) shall join in unremitting songs
To the honour'd name of your darling son,
To the name of LYTTELTON the Good, of LYTTELTON the Glorious.