Margaret Holford

Lord Byron to John Murray, 25 March 1817; Letters and Journals, ed. Rowland E. Prothero (1898-1901) 4:87-88.

To hook the Reader, you, John Murray,
Have published "Anjou's Margaret,"
Which won't be sold off in a hurry,
(At least, it has not been as yet);
And then, still further to bewilder him,
Without remorse you set up "Ilderim;"
So mind you don't get into debt,—
Because — as how — if you should fail,
These books would be but baddish bail.
And mind you do not let escape
These rhymes to Morning Post or Perry,
Which would be very treacherous — very,
And get me into such a scrape!
For, firstly, I should have to sally,
All in my little boat, against a Galley;
And, should I change to slay the Assyrian wight,
Have next to combat with the female knight.
And pricked to death expire upon her needle,
A sort of end which I should take indeed ill!

[Ilderim was published by Henry Gally Knight.]