Dr. Frank Sayers

T. W. C., "Ode on reading Dramatic Sketches of the Ancient Northern Mythology" General Evening Post (6 April 1790).

Odin, hear! — a Voice of Song
Sounds thro' Hela's vast and shadowy Land,
And shakes the clouded Waves
Of Giall. — "Youth of Love!
Fairest of sky-born Forms, best-lov'd of Thor,
(Thus cloath'd in mortal Tone it speaks)
Oh! Youth of Love, whom Frea's tear,
On Mimer's magic Stream for ever flowing,
Softest Dews of Sorrow shedding;
Youth of dear Love, ah! Balder, sigh no more;
Deep in thy misty Cave, fair Balder, sigh no more."

Hertha, hear! that Voice of Song
Echoes Frea's mournful melodies.
Some Youth to whom 'tis given
Thy Groves to tread, thy veiled Car
To touch; — hence springs the kindred Symphony,
Pure as the Gales of Hydrofil.
He sings — and lo! Lok's Eye of Wrath
Now melts; flow, sullen, iron tears distilling.
See, with beams of Glory gilded,
Balder again mounts on the steed of Day:
Frea 'gain smiles in Peace — Valhalla's Groves are glad.