Rev. William Lisle Bowles

Isaac D'Israeli to Lord Byron, 19 July 1822, in Byron, Letters and Journals, ed. Rowland E. Prothero (1898-1901) 6:86-87.

I could tell your Lordship many pleasant "historiettes" about Pope and Bowles! Apollo forgive him this cheek-by-jowl affair. The Review made Bowles write 1001 letters, and publish pamphlet on pamphlet. He has obtained an odd kind of celebrity by the strength of his arm in writing what people only know of by perpetual advertisement; and, forgotten as a pot, he is remembered for a controversy with your Lordship. I spoke to Campbell, but he is engaged as Editor of a Magazine: he offered to show me his notes on Bowles. I have been fully occupied by writing three volumes of "philosophical" Curiosities of Literature. Gifford only wants the ten years which have passed to give the Coup de grace. No one runs with our Bowles, so he walks over the course, and his neighing is as insolently joyous as ever. He has suppressed a letter to me, and gives promise to share in a bottle when he returns to Twon, for he likes Wine, as Gilchrist asserts. Pope has regained his due ascendancy; — a new edition is preparing by an Editor who I suspect as inept for that office as Bowles — Mr. Roscoe!