Robert Lloyd

Treyssac de Vergy, "Vers a Roberd Lloyd, M.A." Lloyd's Evening Post (18 July 1764) 59.

Immortel favori d'Apollon, & des Graces,
Toi, dont l'esprit enchanteur
Sut, en volant sur leur traces,
Embellir tou les arts, & plaire a la pudeur;
Comment pouvoir chanter tes virtus & ta gloire?
Je peindais Frederic efraiant l'univers:
Je peindais un Granby soumettant la victoire:
Mais, — pour peindre ton gout & tes talens divers,
Il faut etre toi meme, ou bien le Dieu de Vers.

ENGLISHED, BY MR. BRECKNOCK, from the above.
Immortal Fav'rite of the Nine!
Darling of Phoebus! honest Lloyd!
Whose flow'ry Wit (with Taste divine,
And all the Graces for thy guide)
Loves to embellish the fine Arts,
And lure each Virtue to thy song;
How shall I praise thy wond'rous parts,
Yet do thy letter'd fame no wrong!
Well could I paint in Mars's robe,
Proud Vict'ry chain'd at GRANBY'S feet;
Well paint, the terror of the globe,
A FREDRIC — dreadful in defeat!
But — when my grateful Muse aspires
Thy Worth and Talents to rehearse,
I find the lofty theme requires
Thy Genius, or the God of Verse.