David Mallet

Alexander Pope to David Mallet, 7 November 1733; Works of Pope, ed. Elwin and Courthope (1871-1889) 10:86.

[TWICKENHAM], Nov. 7 [1733].

DEAR SIR, — I was in Town one day, and my inability to see you was really vexatious to me. It will be more so, if I am not sometimes to have that pleasure here, which you were used to give me. The great hurry of your last visit perfectly disconcerted me. The Epistle I have read over and over, with great and just delight; I think it correct throughout, except one or two small things, that savour of repetition toward the latter end. A better judge than any other I know [Viscount Bolingbroke] is of the same opinion, who sees enough in it to desire to be made of your acquaintance; and I know no man's that will please you so much. If you could let me know some days beforehand when you can come this way, we will go together; or he will meet you here. I am too much pleased with the favor you have done me in this Epistle, to be willing to part with it, till you absolutely require it. Believe me with real affection and esteem, your most faithful and obliged servant.