Rev. Abel Evans

Abel Evans to Alexander Pope, 26 July 1719; Works of Pope, ed. Elwin and Courthope (1871-1889) 10:108-09.

ST. JOHN'S, OXON, July 26, 1719.

DEAR SIR, — I should much sooner have sent you my acknowledgment and thanks for the very kind reception I met with from you at your pleasant house at Twickenham, but in truth it has been so very hot, that I could neither write, read, nor think, but only lie still, swim, or sleep; and am still so monstrously lazy, that you must expect but a dry short letter from me; no gallantry or gaiety, but only a little downright good breeding and civility. I hope this will find your good mother settled in her health, and also yourself, as much as her age and your constitution will permit. If wishes had any power in medicine, I could soon make you both immortal; for she very well deserves it for furnishing the world with you; and you have yourself made your name immortal enough. I wish only that your body might come in for a small share of that noble blessing, if it only were for nine hundred and ninety-nine years. I wish the same to your good friends the Duchess; that she might live to teach people of quality all the good qualities in the world. I write as I talk, and I speak as I think; and am, with great sincerity, your, &c.