William Seward

George Birkbeck Hill, Note in Boswell, Life of Johnson (1791); ed. G. B. Hill (1891) 3:140n.

"William Seward, Esq. F.R.S., editor of Anecdotes of some distinguished persons, etc. in four volumes, 8vo., well known to a numerous and valuable acquaintance for his literature, love of the fine arts, and social virtues. I am indebted to him for several communications concerning Johnson." BOSWELL. Miss Burney frequently mentions him as visiting the Thrales. "Few people do him justice," said Mrs. Thrale to her; "because as Dr. Johnson calls him, he is an abrupt young man; but he has excellent qualities, and an excellent understanding." Mme. D'Arblay's Diary, 1. 141. Miss Burney, in one of her letters, says: — "Mr. Seward, who seems to be quite at home among them, appears to be a penetrating, polite, and agreeable, young man. Mrs. Thrale says of him, that he does good to everybody, but speaks well of nobody." Memoirs of Dr. Burney, ii. 89. He must not be confounded with the Rev. Mr. Seward of Lichfield.