Lady Mary Wortley Montagu

Anonymous, "On Lady Mary Wortley Montague's bringing with her, out of Turkey, the Art of Inoculating the Small Pox" Plain Dealer (3 July 1724).

When Greece, reviving, into short Delight,
Felt Pride, and Comfort, at Our Muse's Sight:
The Rival'd Nine no sooner saw Her Face,
But ev'n their Envy gave their Wonder Place!
Charm'd, into Love, of what eclips'd their Fame!
They wak'd Apollo, with Her pow'rful Name.

See! — God of Grecian Wit! Urania cries,
How sweet a Muse the Western World supplies!
Say? Shou'd she ask some Favour, from your Throne,
What cou'd you bid Her take, that's not Her own?
Sparkling in Charms, the heav'nly Stranger view,
So grac'd! — she scarce can owe a Beam, to You!
Beauty, with Love, Her Pow'r to Your's prefers:
And Wit, and Learning, are, already, Hers!

Rows'd, at Her Name, — Receding, from Her Eyes,
The gazing God rose slow, in soft Surprize!
Fair Miracle, He said, — and paus'd, a while:
Then, thus, — Sweet Glory, of your envied Isle!
Charm'd, and oblig'd, least we ungrateful seem,
Bear hence, at least, One Mark of our Esteem.
One, of my Three, great Claims, your Wish may fit;
Whose Voice is Musick: and whose Thoughts are Wit!
Physick, alone, remains, to grant you, here
A Skill! your godlike Pity will endear.
Form'd, to give Wounds, which must No Ease procure,
Beauty's chief Foe, a fear'd, and fierce Disease!
Bows, at my Beck; and knows, it's God's Decrees.
Breath'd, in this Kiss, take Pow'r, to tame it's Rage:
And, from it's Rancour, free the rescu'd Age.
High, o'er each Sex, in Double Empire, sit:
Protecting Beauty, and inspiring Wit.