Lord Byron

Charles Symmons, D.D., "Sonnet, on Newstead Abbey, lately re-edified by its present Proprietor, Lieut.-Colonel Thomas Wildman" The Sun (27 January 1825).

Newstead! that under Superstition's sway,
Didst echo once the chant of holy strain:
For the pale vigils of Devotion's train;
And glimmer with the midnight taper's ray:
Newstead! that since, in thy more evil day,
Hast heard the lordly *homicide complain,
As his dark bosom heav'd beneath its pain,
And vengeful conscience tore her sullen prey.
Newstead! be now elate. The jocund hours
Advance to throw their garlands on thy head,
The gloom of ages, brooding on thy towers,
As once with ignorance and guilt is fled;
And joy is thine, as in thy halls the powers
Of social virtue play by WILDMAN led.

* The old lord Byron, the reputed murderer of Mr. Chaworth, who passed many of the last years of his life in this Abbey (his family seat) in a state of gloomy seclusion. He was the great uncle of the late Lord Byron.