Sir Francis Kynaston

William King, 1700 ca.; Remains of the late learned and Ingenious William King (1732) 46.

Criticisms and Remarks in Poetry, &c. as might tend to the Honour of the British Name and Literature.

To encourage a Collection of this Kind, our Author recommends the following Observations on Books, Manuscripts, and what else he met with to promote the said Work.

To collect some of Spencer's; particularly an Eclogue of Collin, very well turned into Latin Verse. Kynaston's Chaucer, a peculiar Piece of Poetry; Dean Aldrich has taken pains to give us Notes. The first Book only published. There are English Songs turned into Latin Rhimes. See Cooper's Sir Eglemore in Latin. The Macaronick by the Queen's Men. Polemo Middinia by Dr. Gibston, present Bishop of London, with Christ Kirk on the Green, by James the Fourth of Scotland. More Modern Songs turned into Latin by Mr. Cotchet of Derby, and Mr. Oughton of Doctors-Commons, well worthy collecting. To give a Specimen of those strong Lines in Cleveland.

Had Cain been Scot, God wou'd have chang'd his Doom;
Not sent him wander, but confin'd him Home.