Rev. Peter Heylyn

John Nichols, Note in Original Works of William King (1776) 1:225n.

Peter Heylin, born Nov. 29, 1600, first of Hart Hall, then of Magdalen College, Oxford, was chaplain to archbishop Laud (whose Life he published), and also to king Charles the First and Second. — His "History of St. George," published in 1631, recommended him to Charles I, who preferred him to a prebend in Westminster, and to the rectory of Houghton in Durham; from both of which he was ejected during the Civil War, and reduced to great straits. He supported himself by his pen; and the number and bulk of his writings are so very great, as he even continued to publish when he could no longer see to write; and retained an amanuensis to the day of his death, May 8, 1662. The generality of his writings are in no great esteem at present: but his "Help to English History," (lately re-printed with improvements by Paul Wright, B.D.) is a work of great utility. Some of the best of his pieces are in the collection of "Historical and Miscellaneous Tracts," 1681, fol.