Katherine Philips

John Nichols, Note in Original Works of William King (1776) 3:178-79n.

Orinda, the poetical name of Mrs. Catherine Philips. She was the daughter of John Fowler, merchant, and born in London 1631; was married to James Philips, of the Priory of Cardigan, esq. about the year 1647; and died in Fleet-street, in the month of June, 1664. Her poems have been several times printed. She was also the writer of a volume of Letters, published many years after her death, to Sir Charles Cotterel, inituled, "Letters from Orinda to Poliarchus;" which have been admired. — Mrs. Philips was as much famed for her friendship, as for her poetry; and had the good fortune to be equally esteemed by the best poet and the best divine of her age. Dr. Jeremy Taylor addressed his discourse "on the nature and effects of friendship" to this lady; and Mr. Cowley has celebrated her memory, in an Ode preserved amongst his "Select Works."