Henry Fielding

Samuel Richardson to Thomas Edwards, 21 February 1752; Correspondence of Samuel Richardson, ed. Barbauld (1804) 3:33-34.

What literary news have I to write to my friend? Nothing worthy of his notice, or that he will not hear from better hands.

Mr. Fielding has met with the disapprobation you foresaw he would meet with, of his Amelia. He is, in every paper he publishes under the title of the Common Garden, contributing to his own overthrow. He has been overmatched in his own way by people whom he had despised, and whom he thought he had vogue enough, from the success his spurious brat Tom Jones so unaccountably met with, to write down; but who have turned his own artillery against him, and beat him out of the field, and made him even poorly in his Court of Criticism give up his Amelia, and promise to write no more on the like subjects.