Rev. George Crabbe

John Wilson Croker, Note in Boswell, Life of Johnson, ed. Croker (1831) 5:54n.

This amiable gentleman is still alive, resident in his rectory of Trowbridge, in Wiltshire. His subsequent publications have placed him high in the roll of British poets — though his having taken a view of life too minute, too humiliating, too painful, and too just, may have deprived his works of so extensive, or, at least, so brilliant, a popularity as some of his contemporaries have attained; but the Editor ventures to believe, that there is no poet of his times who will stand higher in the opinion of posterity. He generally deals with "the short and simple annals of the poor," but he exhibits them with such a deep knowledge of human nature, — with such general ease and simplicity, and such accurate force of expression, whether gay or pathetical, as in the Editor's humble judgment, no poet, except Shakspeare, has excelled.