Gavin Turnbull

Anonymous, "Proposals for re-printing the Poems of the late Gavin Turnbull" City Gazette and Daily Advertiser [Charleston SC] (3 June 1816).


For re-printing by subscription, the POEMS of the late GAVIN TURNBULL, with an additional Canto to his Bard, and other original poems, not hitherto published, and his LECTURES, moral, classical, and satirical, For the benefit of his Widow.

In recommendation of this work, it is necessary here to remark, that Mr. Turnbull was a poet. The many specimens of the "sweetness of his song," with which he has occasionally favoured us, added to the mention made of them by Dr. Currie, in his elegant biography of the Ayshire bard, Burns, have already affixed the stamp of merit to his literary and tasteful productions, and given him a station among the minstrels of Scotland, which does honor to his name; indeed, when we consider the publication, as intended not only as the means to pay a just tribute to departed genius, but also to add to the comfort of an aged widow, we feel some what more than sanguine, in making this appeal to the benevolence of an enlightened and liberal public, to enable us to crown the monumental urn of our bard with poetic garlands of his own wearing, whose sweets will be embalmed by the tear which sensibility shall shed over them, when she reflects on the melancholy fate of genius crushed by indigence, and beholds the sad condition that attends the widowed partner of his hapless destiny,

His sweetly plaintive harp nae mair
Is heard the minstrel band amang!
For Death to free his heart o' care,
Has snapt its strings and clos'd his sang!


1. The work will be comprised in 300 large duodecimo pages. 2. It will be handsomely printed on a clear paper, with an elegant type, and delivered to subscribers, in a neat sheep binding, at two dollars, in advance. 3. A list of the patrons to the work shall be annexed.

Subscriptions will be received at John Hoff's book store, the Charleston Library Room, and at the several printing offices in this city.

May 17.