Rev. John Dyer

Nicholas Toms Carrington, "Lines on Visiting Mount Edgcumbe, after an Absence of several Years from Plymouth-Dock" The Star (23 September 1809).

Hail to thy scenes Elysian! Thou, or dress'd
In Spring's light hues, or clad in Summer's pomp,
Or brown'd as sinks the year, amid the stern,
The foliage-shaking Autumn, pleasest still.
Oft 'midst thy thought-awak'ning groves I've stray'd,
And mus'd the hour away, while oft the burst
Of prospect unexpected check'd the wing
Of Meditation, and the vacant eye
Recall'd, to witness how the hand profuse
Of Nature, all the rural and sublime
Combin'd in thee — the swelling wood-cloth'd hill—
The sweeping lawn, the turret-crowned dome—
The graceful avenue — the murm'ring beach
With Ocean's spoils bestrew'd — the blue profound
That far away th' Atlantic spreads — the line
Immense of foam-tipp'd cliffs, and hazy seen
The Lizard, shaking from his rock-ribb'd sides
The billowy war — the Harbour's bosom, fill'd
With Navies destin'd in some future hour
Again to scourge the Gaul — the gallant Ships
That roam the waste of waters, and defy
The hoary solitude — the friendly Bay—
And Promontories bold, and fort-crown'd Hills,
And smiling Towns, and Villages dispers'd,
And many a distant scene where Nature spreads
Her softest beauties on the Peasant's eye.
Fair spot, and lov'd! though yet unknown to song,
Some Bard the Muse shall yet inspire, may pour
Th' enthusiastic lay — some DYER may rise
To consecrate thy beauties, ev'ry prospect scan,
Thy rural and romantic paint, and hand
(In some enraptur'd and delightful strain)
To lasting fame the Poet and his theme!
Plymouth-dock, September, 1809.