John Tait

John Langhorne, Review of Tait, Poetical Legends; Monthly Review 53 (June 1776) 504.

"At the desire of the Author, the profits arising from this publication are to be paid into the Fund for the Relief of his Majesty's Sick and Wounded Troops, and of the Widows and Orphans of the Soldiers in America."

To offer any criticisms on a publication which appears with so amiable an aspect, would seem invidious. Let, then, the benevolence of the Author's design atone for any imperfections in his Muse: who, however, to use the expression of a humorous Scotch writer, is a very decent, good kind of body.

The Fatal Feud, is a pretty long ballad, on the affecting story of Helen Irvine, mentioned by Mr. Pennant, in his Tour of Scotland, edit. 1772, pages 88 and 89. The Fall of Faction is a poetical vision; in which the Author is very severe on the "American insurgents."