Francis Beaumont

William Wordsworth to Sir George Beaumont, 29 July 1805; in Letters, ed. Knight (1807) 1:194-95.

The verses of your ancestor, Francis Beaumont, the younger, are very elegant and harmonious, and written with true feeling. Is this the only poem of his extant? There are some pleasing verses (I think by Corbet, Bishop of Norwich) on the death of Francis Beaumont the elder. They end, I remember, thus, alluding to his short life:

Beaumont is dead! by whose sole death appears,
Wit's a disease consumes men in few years.

I have never seen the works of the brother of the dramatic poet; but I know he wrote a poem upon the battle of Bosworth Field. Probably it will be in the volume which you have found, which it would give me great pleasure to see, as also Charnwood Rocks, which must have a striking effect in that country. I am highly flattered by Lady Beaumont's favourable opinion of me and my poems.