Michael Bruce

Anonymous, "On a Rose blooming in October, near Kinross, the Birth-place of Michael Bruce" The Star (15 May 1826).

Unwonted smil'd October's sun
Amid his cloudless way,
And gentler seem'd his course to run
With ev'ry shortening day.

Allur'd by days of promis'd calm,
A rose put on her flowers;
Her buds prepar'd their vernal balm
'Mid autumn's songless bowers.

Ah! see'st thou not, thou tender rose,
That wintry days are near?
While yet thine opening floweret blows,
Strange gloom shall cloud the year.

The wintry rains shall dash thy bloom—
The wintry winds shall chill;
The nightly frosts shall with'ring come,
Thine infant flowers to kill!

But I will seize thy tender bough,
Ere yet thy blossoms fade;
I'll place them o'er the grave stone low,
Where youthful Bruce was laid!

For birth like thee, its budding wreath,
His rising genius spread;
While dark and chill the clouds of death
Hung threatening o'er his head!

Ah! had that beauteous floweret blown
Beneath a kinder sky,
What blossoms rich had round been thrown,
To fill the wondering eye!