Rev. William Gillespie

Anna, "Verses to the Memory of the Rev. William Gillespie" The Star (23 September 1826).

In peace may the wild beast repose in his den,
And gaily the wild bird may sing on the tree;
All nature be joyful in valley and glen—
But for hearts lone and breaking no gladness can be.

For the Lord of her bosom a Lady is weeping,
In Death's chill embrace he is slumbering now;
The tear of keen anguish her swollen eye steeping,
For with him in the grave all her hopes are laid low.

With ceaseless emotion fond sisters deplore him—
A brother so generous, so tender, so kind!
May Heaven, in its mercy to calmness restore them,
And heal the deep wounds of each sorrowing mind!

His flock, all despondent, are scattered abroad—
Ah! who with such calmness shall point out the way—
The path that conducts us to the bosom of GOD—
To the kingdom of CHRIST — to the regions of day?

Dear friend of my father ! we long shall bewail thee—
Thou ever wert true in the dark hour of sorrow!
But nothing, alas! can our weeping avail thee—
"On the night of the grave" there awakens no morrow!

No morning awakes till the last awful day,
When the perishing Skies shall in flames disappear—
When Ocean and Earth shall like wax melt away,
And the wicked be covered with trembling and fear!

Then, then shalt thou rise from thy bed in the dust,
And with glory and gladness away thou shalt wing
To the land of that SAVIOUR in whom was thy trust—
With HIM in the heights of His Zion to sing!