Rev. William Gillespie

P. M., "The Pastor's Grave; a Tribute to the Memory of the late Reverend William Gillespie, Minister of Kells" The Star (12 October 1827).

There is a lone sequestered place,
By placid Ken's meand'ring stream;
A spot that time shall ne'er deface
From recollection's brightest gleam!

O'ershadowed by old sycamores,
There rests the pious and the good—
While many a tear his loss deplores,
And consecrates his solitude!

His requiem the wild birds sings,
At early morn or evening mild;
From Nature's harp his dirge notes ring—
Meet elegies for Nature's child!

"No scupltured" stone his virtues tell,—
They are engraved on many a heart;
A record far more durable
Than aught that owns man's graphic art!

Methinks I hear some swain exclaim,
While from his cheek he wipes the tear,
"The Pastor true, whose only aim
Was to do good — sleeps softly here!

"He kindly soothed the couch of pain,
Pitied the friendless and the poor;
Want never told his tale in vain,
Nor met with insults at his door!

"A Widow mourns the husband kind,
And beauty mourns the Father dear;
But Heaven the sorrowing heart will bind,
And kindly dry the filial tear!

"The Christian views with eye of faith,
The tearless land — the happy shore;
Where friends that severed were by death,
Again shall meet — and part no more!

"Lone spot — round thee may flow'rs still bloom,
And breezes mild thee gently fan!
The heart is mould'ring in the tomb
That glowed with love to GOD and Man!"