Rev. Edmund Cartwright

H. C., "On the late Rev. Edmund Cartwright, D.D. of Hillenden House, Kent" The Star (27 October 1828).

Cartwright! my untaught Muse with fear essays
To braid her laurels in thy wreath of bays;
Her trembling fingers o'er the warbling strings,
Vainly still more she throes, and vainly sings;
Those strains a Heaven-taught Bard hath tuned with fire,*
She can but feebly echo, then expire!
Yet may not gratitude presume to twine
Her humbler chaplet o'er thy honoured shrine?
Let kindred Minstrels harp thy mind's great power,
My muse shall doubtless sing thy cherish'd bower,
Thy home! where, blest with temper's mildest ray,
Thy beam was statute, and thy smile was sway.
Firm to thy friends, to human failings blind,—
When Fortune smil'd unchang'd, and when she frown'd resign'd:
With love connubial bright'ning every hour,
As summer's sun-beams gild each laughing flow'r.
Thou hear'st me not — and oh! I see the tear
Still moist'ning that blue eye bedew'd thy bier;
She listens kindly to my mournful lay,
Whose soul was thine, whose joy was to obey.
Enough for me, if verse so poor as mine
Could chase one woe-drop from that cheek of thine;
Yet, still I would thy heavenly image rose
Upon her vision'd fancy, till the close
Of mortal life — then, in the bliss above,
To joy together in eternal love!
July 9, 1828.

* Montgomery