Henry Lok

Edward Farr, in Select Poetry chiefly devotional of the Reign of Queen Elizabeth (1845) xviii.

Of this author little is known, though he appears to have been connected with the court of Elizabeth, to whom lie dedicated some of his pieces, comprising two hundred sonnets, treating of meditation, humiliation, prayer, comfort, joy, and thanksgiving. His name occurs to a small book in the Bodleian Library, entitled "Sundry Psalms of David translated into verse, as briefly and significantly as the scope of the text will suffer." These Psalms are included in the very rare work which he published in 1597, entitled "Ecclesiastes, otherwise called the Preacher. Containing Saloman's Sermons or Commentaries — as it may probably be collected — upon the 49 Psalme of David his father. Compendiously abridged, and also paraphrastically dilated in English poesie, according to the analogie of Scripture, and consent of the most approved writers thereof. Composed by H. L., gentleman. Whereunto are annexed sundrie Sonnets of Christian Passions heretofore printed, and now corrected and augmented with other affectionate Sonnets of the same author's." In the whole there are 320 sonnets in the volume; those on "sundrie Christian Passions" comprising 200 of that number.