Robert Greene

Samuel Egerton Brydges, in British Bibliographer 3 (1812) xi.

Robert Green, born about 1550, died 1592. The best account of this memorable man was compiled by Mr. HASLEWOOD, and is to be found in Cens. Lit. VIII. 380. The biographer observes, that "those of his pieces which he has perused display a rich and glowing command of language, combined with an extensive knowledge of the world." Mr. HASLEWOOD has defended Green's moral character with great feeling and great appearance of justice. He has also given the best extant catalogue of his numerous writings. Green has seven pieces in the present Collection. "Doron's Description of Samela" is reprinted by Ellis. Most of Green's publications are interspersed with poetry. Besides those selected by Ellis, &c. there are some very pretty descriptive lines, called "The Shepherd's Ode," extracted in Cens. Lit. VII. 127, from the Ciceronis Amor, 1611. And in the same volume, p. 269, is "Sephestia's song to her child," which is inimitably beautiful and unaffected. The pieces in the Helicon are not among the author's best; still they possess merit.