Rev. Giles Fletcher

Edward Farr, in Select Poetry, chiefly sacred, of the Reign of King James the First (1847) xiv.

This author was born in the city of London, about the year 1588. He was the son of Dr. Giles Fletcher, Bishop of London. He was educated at Westminster School, and at Trinity College, Cambridge. While at Cambridge, and apparently before he took his bachelor's degree, Fletcher wrote his noble poem entitled "Christ's Victorie;" the first edition of which appeared in 1610. About two years after he received ordination, and he subsequently became rector of Alderton in Suffolk, where he died about 1623. Mr. Willmott, in his "Lives of Sacred Poets, justly remarks that this author "has not received the attention due to his genius, either from his contemporaries or from posterity." "Christ's Victorie" is, indeed, one of the finest religious poems in the English language. It consists of four cantos, and in every part his "golden phrases flie," in a stream of "choicest rhetoric."