William Warner

Edward Farr, in Select Poetry, chiefly sacred, of the Reign of King James the First (1847) xxxv.

In 1592 this author published "Albion's England: a Continued Historie of the same Kingdome, from the Originals of the first Inhabitants thereof; and most the chiefe alterations and accidents there hapning unto, and in the happie raigne of our now most gracious Soveraigne, Queen Elizabeth. With varieties of inventive and historicall mixtures." Extracts from this work are printed in the Select Poetry of the Reign of Queen Elizabeth." In 1612 Warner published a continuation of this work under the title: "Albion's England. A Continued History of the same Kingdom, from the Originals of the first Inhabitants thereof: with the most chiefe Alterations and Accidents there haping, unto, and in the happie Raigne of our now most Soveraigne Lord King James. Not barren in Varietie of Inventive and Historicall Intermixtures. First penned and published by William Warner; and now revised and newly enlarged a little before his death. Whereunto is also newly added an Epitome of the Whole Historie of England." It is from the Continuation that our extract is given in these pages.