Hannah More

T. S., "Extempore. To Miss Hannah More, on the merited Success of her much-admired Tragedy of Percy" Morning Chronicle and London Advertiser (17 December 1777).

If ought cou'd raise heroic Percy's name,
'Twas thine, dear More, to give his story fame;
'Twas thine, to rescue from oblivion's grave,
Great Percy's mem'ry, and his ashes save,
And at his tale to wake superior woe,
Such only as superior bosoms know.
Her antient worthies — Britain needs no more
The faded lustre of their arts deplore,
While More's inspired pen new life can give
To heroes long deceas'd, and bid them live,
Can call forth antique virtue from the tomb,
And bid again the hero's laurels bloom,
The beauteous dames of elder times display,
Or paint the trophies of an antient day.
Enraptur'd criticks all confess your pow'rs,
The admiration of your sex, and ours.
While such examples shall adorn thy page,
Long may'st thou, More, support a well-trod stage,
And be rewarded by a grateful age.