George Colman the Younger

V., "To George Colman, jun. Esq. on hearing it doubted whether he was the Author of the new Comedy of Two to One" Morning Chronicle (26 June 1784).

What tho' I hear some snarling criticks say,
You're much too young, to write so good a play?
Be this the answer to their babling tongue,
Antients themselves, we know, were once, as young;
That Pindar, Homer, Sappho, and the rest,
In earliest youth, gave strong and sterling test,
Of judgment, reason, fancy, wit combin'd,
At once to please, and cultivate the mind;
Nor less did Virgil, Horace, and the bard,
(Of am'rous* wit) receive their just reward,
For what their muse in early numbers wove,
To deck their heroes, or the charms of love.
To these our Shakespeare add, sweet Fancy's child,
Who sung in youth, his varied wood-notes wild.
On then, my friend, secure of public fame,
'Spite of the shafts such churlish criticks aim.

* Ovid.