Edmund Burke

Anonymous, "Parody [of Gray's 'Old and abandon'd by his venal Friends']" Morning Chronicle (22 January 1784).

Bold, and supported by his venal friends,
Here F— conceived the cursed resolution,
To make the Commons serve his private ends,
And vote the ruin of the Constitution.

To India's golden stores he turn'd his eyes,
Young Hyder trembled for his neigh'bring throne;
In vain affrighted Commerce heav'd her sighs,
Directors dared not call their souls their own.

Here mouth'd th' ungrateful N—h and specious B—ke,
The voice of reason then was heard no more,
E— stept forward in the patriot work,
And mov'd, the C—n a cypher, Peers a bore.

Rupees and Jaghires crowded on their view,
Nabobs and Rajahs bowing to their fate,
When Britain's Genius to her Monarch flew,
And bade the best of Princes save the State.

Ah! said the fallen fiend, had Pitt been dumb,
Nor Thurlow's damn'd integrity prevail'd,
Blessings had closed our view, not ills to come,
Nor had the sum of all my projects fail'd.

Purged of her chartered rights, condemn'd unheard,
Then had we seen proud London at our feet,
St. J—s's Court to Brookes's been transferr'd,
And I had sate secure in G—'s seat.
St. Stephen's, Jan. 16, 1784.