Dr. John Wolcot

X. X., "Ode to Dr. Wolcot, formerly Peter Pindar, Esq." Public Ledger (21 August 1816).

Wolcot, art thou so dead to fame,
Counting that thy poetic name,
So long in high renown,
A dull lampooner shall purloin,
And pass base metal for thy coin,
In hopes to cheat the town?

'Tis said, old Bard, that thou art blind
But that thy visual pow'r of mind
Still clear and bright appears,
That still thy Muse, as strong and gay,
With satire, humour, wit, and play,
As in thy earlier years.

'Tis said, besides, far better praise,
The subject of her former lays
She long has ceas'd to sing;
And, while a different course she steers,
She mourns the suff'rings, and reveres
The virtues of her King.

If so — arise, and dash to shame
The Usurper of thy Theban name,
By all with scorn decry'd;
His daring impudence expose,
And, changing into friends thy foes,
Come forth in loyal pride.