Rev. John Duncombe

Alexander Chalmers, in The British Essayists (1802; 1856) 25:35-36.

The Rev. John Duncombe, who has also been noticed as one of the writers in The World, was a contributor to The Connoisseur. Of him, the author of the last paper says: "The next, in priority of time, is a gentleman of Cambridge, who signed himself A.B., and we cannot but regret that he withdrew his assistance, after having obliged us with the best part of the letters in Nos. 46, 49, and 52, and of the essays in Nos. 62 and 64." Mr. Duncombe was not at this time known to the authors, nor much to the world, unless by some occasional poems. His fame rose considerably, however, with his subsequent publications, both in verse and prose. As editor, he has favoured the public with various works, contributing to literary history, particularly "Letters from several eminent persons deceased, including the correspondence of John Hughes, Esq., and several of his friends, published from the originals, with notes, 1772, 3 vols.," a work to which these Prefaces have been much indebted. He was also, for the last twenty years of his life, a valuable correspondent in the Gentleman's Magazine, the present proprietor of which has given ample memoirs of him in the second edition of the Biographia Britannica.