Tobias Smollett

Anti-Nova Scotia, "On the Partiality of Scots, to Scots Authors" St. James's Chronicle (22 January 1767).

It makes me mad to hear such partial Fools
Censure good Authors, and lay down dull Rules:
Call Shakespeare trifling, Milton not sublime,
And Jammy Thompson, Poet of his Time:
Rowe, Otway, Johnson, Whycherly decry,
And praise dull Home, and Douglas, to the Sky.
The Women, not less partial than the Men,
With some dry Scraps of Latin, now and then,
Declare, no Maxim with their Genius suit,
But Allen Ramsay, and the Thane of Bute:
Robertson, hail Historian of first Note,
Give up the rest, like Charles, for one poor Groat:
Praise the Correctness of a Gutherie's Pen,
Who we two Women for the want of Men.
Curs'd be such partial Pedantry, and Sense,
And raise those Blessings, Itch and Indolence;
Reverse the Doom of Cain — nor let them roam
Abroad, but curse them to their native Home.