George Colman

Philambo, "To George Colman, Esq. on reading the Prelude to his Man and Wife" St. James's Chronicle (18 November 1769).

The Sister-Muses, Thal. and Mel.
(You know their Offices full well)
Had been the Vehicle of Spite,
So oft, for Wits who chose to write,
Had been employ'd to raise a Pother,
So oft between each Scenic Brother:
Th' invidious Task they now disdain'd,
And vow'd, 'twas not to be sustain'd.
The Folks about began to fleer,
And cry — "What goodly Jest is here?
Will Rival-Bards not scold, d'ye think?
The Sun at Midnight shine as soon,
And Stars bespot the Face of Noon."
Unmov'd, the Sisters heard the Joke,
And smil'd superior, as they spoke.
"To prove, at once, our Maxims true—
Wits may be Friends, and Rivals too;—
David and George! on you we call
To explain this Mystery to all.
Clandestine Marriage made you one,
If e'er you part, the Fault's your own."